What We Are Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

What We Are Songtext

Think on the night
All the stars have a different brightness
So for what it's worth
Let's start a fight

Be what you wanna be
All is reallity
It's never too late
To follow your dreams

Coz We are only all what we are
We love and we dream
And We are only all what we are
We fuck and we drink
And We are only all what we are
We laugh and we cry
And we fear, we hope, we sing,
We live, We die
But here we are

Change now or stay the same
Say what you wanna say
No rules how to
Go on your way

Don't waste your time
On the people who are confined
To only see
What's clinched in their mind

Sometimes it's hard to have the courage
To start all over again
But never be afraid to fight for yourself, my friend
Time is the longest distance
Between now and your dreams
Let's find for you
A different point of view

How to keep in our hands the time?
Youth is wasted on the young
And inspiration dies
It's not we dreamt it

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