Another Life Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Another Life Songtext

Months ago since last we've talked
As I came below your window
There's only shadow once
You've walked
You have faded into the dark

You'll get wizen, you'll get white
But passing time won't quench my lust
Keep my washed out dreams of you
And a big hole on my heart

So I could pretend
That it hurts me no more
I colud say it's better all alone or
I can lie, good you've found someone
But it makes me crazy
on and on and on
So for you

I sing my last song
While yoou're leaving
It seems like my last chance
To say goodbye
I'm in pieces and time's not healing
Hope to see you in another life

We lived and loved as much we could
Didn't regret any moments
You gave me wings to fly with you
But on the hollow sky they broke

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