Brotherhood Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Brotherhood Songtext

The battle bells are calling
Soldier on, Bastards!

This pub is only our place
Our army has the sign
No one brakes our union
We've drunk a lot of pint
Of blood, we share the whiskeys
Fellowship of the night
We'll bang the horny ladies
The Company arrives

We're comin' again and we still got eachother
Our biggest power is this old brotherhood
We really believe today in one another
The kids are alright, you see it's so far so good

Your father really taught me
How to drink the beer
My gramma did fill up you
With cider of the pear
If someone's gonna hit you
I would brake his arm
What if there's hundred bastards?
Thousands are on our side

Fraternity is saint to me
Holy brotherhood
Our faith is to believe
In no one else but you

Fraternity is saint to me
Holy brotherhood
Give a shit to anything
What we wait for is to
Drink the night away
Kick the door out!
You know, the kids are alright

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