Bound by Blood Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Bound by Blood Songtext

Father was a boozer
He liked to miss his job
A looser and seducer
Who was lost
Mother tried her best
She was broken and depressed
But we ha each other
Always in this mess

Tried to run, you looked far away
I had to calm you, tell you to stay

So I took you by the hand
Together swum against the flood
On the faith in which we stand
Is our love oooh
Life was not as we've planned
Coz we were born and raised in mud
But we were strong
We were brave
We were bound by our blood

We wanted to get away
Coz we were bound
With all these lies
Chained to all these numbing
Fears inside

Without shackles on our heart
We wanted to feel alive
The starry skies were our home
Every night

We will fade at the last golden sun
Our shadows disappear and we'll be one
But we won't pray
Coz we know that's what we had
Together we were young
We were mad

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