Joan of Arc Songtext
von Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Joan of Arc Songtext

A little Catholic girl who's fallen in love
A face on a page, a gift from above
She should have known better than to give her heart
She should have know better than to ever part
Without me
Without me

I gave her everything that I ever owned
I think she understood though she never spoke
She shouldn't ought ta try to be that way
She shouldn't have to go there ever again
Without me
Without me

Now listen to us good and listen well
Oh listen to us all and everything we tell
We should have known better than to give her away
We should have known better to this very day
Without me
Without me

Now listen Joan of Arc
All you gotta do
Say the right words and I'll be coming through
Hold you in my arms and take you right away

Now she's on her way to another land
We never understood why she gave her hand
She shouldn't ought ta promise because it's just pretend
I hope she doesn't mean it and she'll leave again
Without me
Without me
Without me
Without me

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