THE SUN Songtext
von Night Lovell

THE SUN Songtext

Sick all day and it's
"Cause I'm on my lone shit
In my brain, it be feeling
Like a mosh pit
You don't like me
'Cause I'm sitting in the cockpit
Been too long so I told
That bitch to stop it
Since I changed, I don't
Fuck with any sunny days
Don't go out in sunny
Days without my Cartiers
Cartiers nice but
I like my Louis frames
Fucked that thottie
And her friend but
I forgot they names
Jokes aside, I've been
Going through some dark shit
Everyday, I just be
Feeling like some dog shit
It's like my body just
Belongs inside a dark trench
Then they find my
Body laying on a park bench
All these kids say
I'm iconic, you so underrated
Well I rather underrated
Versus overrated
They say "Lovell, all this
Shit you say be helping me"
I'm just tryna make you
Niggas really start to see (Shit)

Tryna make you niggas
Really start to see,
Damn, damn

Break you down
Then I reach inside your head,
Just to see your thoughts
You can't touch me I'm a
Motherfucking greater demon
Yes, I'm back, bitch,
This the motherfucking season
Will I pay these niggas mind?
There's no fucking reason
Will I pay these bitches mind?
They think I don't read 'em
Thinking back to when I used
To have no fucking stress
All this shit has turned into
A motherfucking mess
Nothing fucking less,
Pain inside my chest
Say you wanna take my pain,
Be my fucking guest
I'm so done with all these
People lying to my face
Feel like moving all my
Shit some place, so far away
Maybe someday,
I'm so fucking done
Don't you try to make me happy,
Saying I'm the one
You don't like me, just be honest,
This no fucking fun
I refuse to listen to you,
There's the fucking sun
It's time I fucking run, yeah

Wake up
Lovell, wake up!

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