Deira City Centre Songtext
von Night Lovell

Deira City Centre Songtext

Trippin' on back from the last say summer
Never tell a pack that I never stay runnin'
Sippin' on facts, damn know I got stacks
In the lab takin' bitches straight for another cat
Lace shit when I never had shit
Bitch move, make your motherfuckin' head split
Cost to the lost never really gon pay shit
Tell me ain't really gon chase it
Dreams to the play, no fake

Hands to the way, niggas know I ain't play
Fast to the brake when I switch all day
Stans when I press to the dam all day
Stickin' up signs, read "never mind me"
Point to the ground, stake down to the v
Stay, please stay, bitch you got no key
Never take a seat, bitch you never gon' see (gon' see)
Play with the cake when I run along back
Change when I say that I stay with the mac
Fake what the niggas comin' back to the rack
Late to the game that I watch no pack
Walk straight through, don't ask, don't shoot
Run real soon, no cash, no loot

Dreams fall short, no time, never knew
Never no rules, nigga, never no shoes
See no fued and take never stock
Got no tries on the goddamn block
Niggas think big but you still a mall cop
Limited rigs never fuck with the top
Hands all free as I walk through sea
Eyes on me, bitch can't you see
Tell 'em that light still lasts if you need
Stack on bags and the gas for the weak

Stack on bags and the gas for the weak
Stack on bags and the gas for the weak
Bags and the gas for the weak

Takin' my life, thinkin' it's right
Switch' in the midst and the point to the type
Watchin' my thoughts in the back of my mind
Tellin' that I know for fact that they mine
Watch me, I'm solo
I walk with your photo
Take money from the locked door
Bitch move back, what you came for?
Swingin' down the waterway, take a dip in the plache
I come with the landscape, I run with the wrong day

Tell me, bitch, that I wait outside
Tell me shit that I never hide
Thinkin' down with no side to side
Break down with no shit to try

I don't know about you, but I'm havin' a really great time
There's no way that I can express to you what I'm feeling right now
My heart is full to bursting, except to say... I'm the king of the world!
Whoo! Whoo whoo whoop!

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