BAD KID Songtext
von Night Lovell

BAD KID Songtext

Ah, ah, ah, aaaah shit, nice
I′ve been on your ass for 20 days and
I've been ridin′ round this bitch looking for David
That nigga tryna take my money 'cause I made it
Lil pussy, I'mma make you feel this blade and
All your bitches comin′ to me ′cause they love me
She said: "Daddy, I can feel it in my tummy"
Pussy nigga tryna call his fuckin' mommy
You be laughin′ but I swear this shit ain't funny

You′ve been tryna tell me all this shit but, bitch, I'm done
Leave your crib, you′ll find me dancing in Afghanistan
She be tryna tell me that she know that I'm the one
I just fucked that bitch inside the whip and then I run (Sweet)
I'm so focused on this shit it got me goin′ crazy
Take you to my secret place if you my baby
Don′t you try to talk to me 'cause you ain′t from my side
I make all these niggas focus on me till I die, yeah

Flood nation, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, 'cause they say
′Cause they, mmh
'Cause they say that I′m a bad kid
All because I'm paid from these stories that I made
All I think about is bad shit
I can't help myself, they just tryna take my wealth
You won′t catch me lackin′
Pussy nigga try me, I might cut you like salami
We don't really pass shit
Do it all yourself, earn your motherfuckin′ belt, bitch, ayy

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