Material Female Songtext
von Night Lovell

Material Female Songtext

Walk down Black Street
Drive slow bad bitch in the back seat
All gold whole bitch in the bed sheets
Never wanna watch from the flow said it must be
Takin shots to the seam take it back
Thoughts in the snow get lost in the pack
Never wanna break that ice on the side of the pack
Feel the place outside of the last
Bitch you call me, take it back you know me
Bitch bet you show me
Seen from the light from the view
When I climb up nigga wanna tell me that a nigga ain't know me
Snipin from the back, see you posted by the pack
I take a "fuck it" shot and walk right back
I never fuckin lack
Take that pill for the shame and the pain
When I stay sane, nothin I play the same
Let you know that I wanna go back to the place
Always wanna think back to same
White bitch said I'm a pretty young nigga
Down to the flow young silly ass nigga
One hit song made a milla ass nigga
Say you make that cash, man really dumb nigga?
Changin the flow when I'm all black
Crawlin on the motherfuckin flow in the back
Two step, four step, walk to the sound
When I claim money nigga then I run to the wreck
Bitch drowned in the river, no cat
Cold when I shiver and I breathe that note
Told you that I wanna stick to the plan
That I killed that man and they say I'm from the beach
Lay low for the terror

Lay low for the terror
Lay low for the terror

Dress up for the mornin, sit back fuck that warnin
Chain slow step to the side for the stone
Bitch I told you that I never wanna make a loan
I'm grown, nigga never pay shit ain't cheap
Got so high never get no sleep
Cash for the last place on the seat
Tell a bitch that I never wanna make you keep
Oh go away, ten bad bitches all damn day
Thinkin with my life so high with the top down low
Spot a blue-head bitch that day
Come with bags on bags of shots
Pop that shit up in that lot
End of the night when I wanna go back
I change that shit and slowly pack, yeah

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