Michael Patrick Kelly
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Safe Hands Songtext
von Michael Patrick Kelly

Safe Hands Songtext

one of those days when you feel so out of touch
even the angel on my shoulder has had enough
i feel like a boy against the lions
laughing down at my desires
all my armors full of hopes full of rust
one of those nights where you get no rest at all
calling the headlights trace the path across the wall
where is the voice that talks so sweetly the only one who can completely
every time i trip into your arms i fall
cos with you is my witness
you make me wanna be a better man
not afraid of my weekness

when my faith is like castles in the sand
i can be fearless
you make me believe in a bigger plan
cos when i am with you
i know that i am in safe hands
in safe hands...
you reach out to me
you dont judge you dont blame
if for a second the best of my intentions seem to evaporate
when the demons on my shoulder getting louder getting bolder
just one touch your love blows them all away

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