Whole Lotta Love Songtext
von Led Zeppelin Jam

Whole Lotta Love Songtext

You Need Coolin′, Baby, I'm Not Foolin′,
I'm Gonna Send You Back To Schoolin',
Way Down Inside Honey, You Need It,
I′m Gonna Give You My Love,
*Wanna Whole Lotta Love?
You′ve Been Learnin', Baby, I Been Learnin′,
All Them Good Times, Baby, Baby, I've Been Yearnin′,
Way, Way Down Inside Honey, You Need It,
I'm Gonna Give You My Love
* Chorus
You′ve Been Coolin', Baby, I've Been Droolin′,
All The Good Times I′ve Been Misusin',
Way, Way Down Inside, I′m Gonna Give You My Love,
I'm Gonna Give You Every Inch Of My Love,
Gonna Give You My Love.
Yeah! All Right! Let′s Go!
* Chorus
Way Down Inside, Woman, You Need Love.
Shake For Me, Girl, I Wanna Be Your Backdoor Man.
Hey, Oh, Hey, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Keep A-Coolin', Baby,
Keep A-Coolin′, Baby.

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