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100 Classic Hits From “The King of Cool” (Compilation)

  1. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (for Somebody Else)
  2. Again
  3. All I Have to Give You Deutsche Übersetzung von Dean Martin - All I Have to Give You Is My Love
  4. As Pretty as a Picture
  5. As You Are Deutsche Übersetzung von Dean Martin - As You Are
  6. Aw C’mon
  7. Baby Obey Me
  8. Basin Street Blues
  9. Be Honest With Me
  10. Because You’re Mine
  11. Bet‐I‐Cha
  12. Blue Smoke (Kohu‐Auwah)
  13. Bonne nuit (Goodnight)
  14. Bye Bye, Blackbird
  15. Carolina Moon
  16. Change of Heart
  17. Choo ’n’ Gum
  18. Come Back to Sorrento
  19. Don’t Rock the Boat Dear (von Dean Martin with Margaret Whiting)
  20. Dreamy Old New England Moon
  21. Everybody Loves Somebody Deutsche Übersetzung von Dean Martin - Everybody Loves Somebody
  22. Georgia on My Mind
  23. Hangin’ Around With You
  24. Happy Feet
  25. Have a Little Sympathy
  26. Hey Brothers Pour the Wine
  27. How Do You Speak to an Angel?
  28. How D’ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning? (von Dean Martin with Helen O’Connell)
  29. I Don’t Care If the Sun Don’t Shine
  30. I Feel a Song Comin’ On
  31. I Feel Like a Feather in a Breeze
  32. I Love the Way You Say Goodnight
  33. I Passed Your House Last Night
  34. I Ran All the Way Home
  35. I Still Get a Thrill (Thinking of You)
  36. If
  37. I’ll Always Love You (Day After Day)
  38. I’m Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love Letters
  39. I’m in Love With You (von Dean Martin & Margaret Whiting)
  40. I’m Yours
  41. In Napoli
  42. In the Cool Cool, Cool of the Evening
  43. Innamorata
  44. I’ve Got the Sun in the Morning
  45. Johnny Get Your Girl
  46. Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina
  47. Just for Fun
  48. Just One More Chance
  49. Kiss
  50. Let Me Go Lover
  51. Long Long Ago (von Dean Martin & Nat King Cole)
  52. Louise
  53. Luna mezzo mare
  54. Ma come bali (Bella Bimba)
  55. Mambo Italiano
  56. Memories Are Made of This Deutsche Übersetzung von Dean Martin - Memories Are Made of This
  57. Moments Like This
  58. Money Burns a Hole in My Pocket
  59. Muskrat Ramble
  60. My Heart Has Found a Home Now
  61. Never Before
  62. Night Train to Memphis
  63. Oh Marie !
  64. Open Up the Doghouse (Two Cats Are Comin’ In) (von Nat King Cole & Dean Martin)
  65. Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile)
  66. Rain
  67. Relax‐Ay‐Voo (von Dean Martin & Line Renaud)
  68. Return to Me (Ritorna a me)
  69. Ridin’ Into Love
  70. Simpaticó
  71. Solitaire
  72. Standing on the Corner
  73. Sway Deutsche Übersetzung von Dean Martin - Sway
  74. Tarra Ta‐Larra Ta‐Lar
  75. That Certain Party (von Dean Martin feat. Jerry Lewis)
  76. That Lucky Old Sun
  77. That’s Amore Deutsche Übersetzung von Dean Martin - That’s Amore
  78. The Darktown Strutters Ball
  79. The Man Who Plays the Mandolino
  80. The Money Song (von Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis)
  81. The Peddler’s Serenade
  82. The Sailor’s Polka
  83. There’s My Lover
  84. Three Wishes
  85. Tonda Wanda Hoy
  86. Two Sleepy People
  87. Under the Bridges of Paris
  88. Until
  89. Vieni Su
  90. Volare
  91. Walking My Baby Back Home
  92. Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma’am!
  93. When It’s Sleepy Time Down South
  94. Which Way Did My Heart Go ?
  95. Who’s Your Little Who‐Zis?
  96. With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreamin’
  97. You and Your Beautiful Eyes
  98. You Belong to Me
  99. You Was (von Peggy Lee & Dean Martin)
  100. Young and Foolish (Plain and Fancy)


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