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Mein neues Handy Lyrics Übersetzung

I have a new cell phone and
I love it so much, I think I love it so much, there's nothing more that could be done,
without this phone my everyday life would be pretty empty.
I even think that my whole life would be very difficult.

My new cell phone makes driving a lot easier:
As a navigation system, it has a voice-guided built-in 3D system.
I still often ask myself: Where do I want to go?
But my new cell phone knows exactly where I am right now.
Because my new phone also monitors the fridge,
I have not made a shopping list for a long time.
My new cell phone knows exactly how to eat well,
knows my vitamin needs and says I'm too heavy.

My new phone makes my life a breeze.
With this mobile phone, the only way for me is the way.
My new cell phone makes me a completely new man,
and there's nothing my cellphone can not do yet.

I have a new phone and that's pretty cool:
it regulates the chlorine content in my swimming pool.
My mobile phone is flexible and it is also economical:
It controls the gas and electricity consumption throughout the house.
I also use my new phone as a remote control.
The washing machine starts it all alone.
My new phone is learning very fast. I firmly believe
that it can iron shirts after a software update.

My new cell phone ...

I have a new cell phone, this is so unbelievably small,
it fits perfectly into a shot glass.
When the shot glass is full, it does not bother my phone
because my new phone is completely waterproof.

My new cell phone ...

I have a new cell phone that captivates all around.
Unfortunately, you can not just make calls on the phone.
But my new phone is still great.
I would not know who to call anyway.

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