Ich weiß, was ich will Übersetzung
von Udo Jürgens

Ich weiß, was ich will Songtext Übersetzung

I know what I want
Her hair wafts in the wind
from out of my window
There I see you going
You wave and remain for seconds standing.
I think
how beautiful it was just to be here with you.

I know
what I want.
I want to feel you
when the morning wakes
to spend the day with you right through into the night
and to believe
that nowhere is an end in sight
not for us.

I know
what I want.
I want the passion
with which you love me
the gentle tenderness
you give to me
the illusion
you live solely just for me
I need that.

I know
what I want.
I want
finally that something new begins
that we, like a thought,
are one body
that is my goal.
Just tell me: Do I want too much?

I know
what I want.
To show you everything
that I have ever seen
what you also always do
to apologise for and to understand
What I have still not ever done before in my life
Now I start.

I know
what I want.
I want to never more lose sight of you
I want your hands to feel me softly and gently
To believe that
it can continue in that way.
I can still see you.
with fast strides as you go along the streets
with your so particular and typical gait
I think
how beautiful if was just to be with you.

I know
what I want.
To be alone on an empty beach with you
and to do everything
that you can do as a pair
with no thought of ours remaining unsaid
and nothing put off.

I know
what I want.
Like a gypsy to go through the world with you
to escape the whole circus of this everyday existence
and all that
until our senses die away
Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

I know what I want.
that each night will be for us like at Carnival
and each way will only lead to each other
that is my goal.
Just tell me: Do I want too much?

I know
what I want.
I want you to be completely and for ever with me
whatever may stand in the way
I will change

I have never in my life moved mountains
but I am doing it now

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