Frei und schwerelos deutsche Übersetzung
von Stephen Schwartz

Frei und schwerelos Lyrics Übersetzung

Elphaba, couldn't you just control yourself for a change, instead of immediately going into the air again?

Are you happy now?
Tell me, are you happy now?
You've gotten your own way
and you've made you choice,
are you satisfied now?

Are you happy now?
Happy and proud of yourself?
It's probably worth it,
smarmily creeping around,
to achieve your goals.

Admittedly, I don't know exactly how,
yet I hope
you're glad.

Elphie, listen to me.
Go there and apologise.

You can meet him anew,
as if nothing had happened,
what you have longed for,
you can have it.

I know.
Yet I don't want it.
No, I can't want it,
any more.

Something in me is different,
something in me's awake;
I'm not abiding to the rules, that someone else makes for me.
I have made my mind up:
I dream no longer, I live;
I'm closing my eyes,
I'm letting go and floating

And I feel free, so free and weightless.
Still true to only myself and free and weightless.
You won't capture me.

It seems to me, that you're out of your senses.
Please, stop getting weird ideas

No boundaries are set for me,
I'm not sticking to that.
Even if not everything goes well;
I'll see what I can do for myself.
Too long I've wanted to be loved, that's why I played their game.
If that's the price of love, it costs too much!

Now I'm free, so free and weightless.
Over and done with, I'm free and weightless
and no one will capture me.

Glinda, come with me.
Imagine, everything we could accomplish... together.

Towards your dreams,
come, fly with me, towards your dreams.
Together we're a super team,
we can flee, Glinda,
over all our limits...

if we complete each other.

No force, that will overcome us!

Only us two left, so free and weightless.
Together free, so free and weightless.
And no one will capture us.

So, are you coming?

Are you happy now?
Is it really true?

Oh, yeah-
I hope you're also glad

I hope you'll never sorrow
and regret nothing tomorrow.
I wish you all the luck in the world, and a friendship, that holds.

Find me in the sky, there, where night conquers day,
As someone told me lately: "Living means learning how to fly."

And even if I fly alone, I'm choosing my end myself,
their earth-crawler can't anticipate, what I feel:

I'm flying away! I'm free and weightless,
Still true to only me and free and weightless.
untethered and alone.

And no one here in the land of Oz,
However great their magic is,
will reach me or capture me!
Capture me!

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