Immerfürimmer English translation
von Jupiter Jones

Immerfürimmer Lyrics Übersetzung

1 2 3 i don't know what that was
It is finally over
3 2 1 one life too much is always better than none
The smart books and the beautiful music
Lead the soul astray
Because there is war in here
And continue according to plan
We don't know anything but apply it

3 2 1 don't feel like tearing myself apart
Just to be happy
1 2 3 was constant change
I would be at the front
A penny for every attempt
I would still be so tired
But at least well off
And further, made to measure
First mow the lawn everyday
And then we bite that grass

Does it always have to be forever?
The round of silence is upon me
Does it always have to be forever?
A consolation for everyone whether they feel like it or not

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