Barbara deutsche Übersetzung
von Georg Kreisler

Barbara Lyrics Übersetzung

Every afternoon I think of Barbara
Even though I know nobody by this name
And every night I dream again of Barbara
Yes, if I don't dream at night, when will I?

In the morning I chat with Barbara
She stays next to me and makes coffee
I drive to the office with Barbara
I hope that I see Barbara one day

Dreams are not froth
not snoke and mirrors
Rather our life
Just like our waking hours
Reality is an expense
Dreams are an income
Dreams are certain
black on white
like night to the day.

In the evening I return home to my Barbara
She is already waiting and rejoices
And then I go to bed and I know Barbara
Is already in bed waiting for me

Some go to the movies
others to a café
Some get married
and ????
Some have children
and many fight
some are succesful
and not ready to dream

But the easiest and cheapest is Barbara
She doesn't eat much and doesn't take much space
I wish that every man would have a Barbara
In reality or better yet, in dreams.

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