The Other Side Songtext
von Tony Joe White

The Other Side Songtext

They say these are dangerous times
Got to be on guard
Bad news across the land
Rumors of war

And all along the border lines
You can feel the strain
And loking back through the years
Ain't nothing changed

They shook the redman's hand
And forever changed his destiny
Put him on some Godforsaken land
And took away his dignity

Now he floats in dreams where eagles fly
Sinking in the stream of wasted lives
They're just standing by
Until they reach the other side

Homeless people shuffle alone in the dark
With everything they own in a grocery cart
And still the lines are drawn between colours of skin
Just a broken wing that never mends

They took their heavy load
With discrimination on the run
Marching down the dusty roads
Singing we shall overcome

Standing up for all they believe was right
They knew that God was on their side
Will we ever see the light
Before we reach the other side

Far across the sea
Young people gather on the square
Trying to set their spirits free
There was revolution in the air

Singing songs of freedom through the night
Who could know they would have to lay down their lives
And never know the reason why
Until they reach the other side

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