Little Big Mistakes Songtext
von Tom Rosenthal

Little Big Mistakes Songtext

Sit at the desk
Look at the screen
Think about the girl you could have been
Ponder your little big mistakes,
And the difference they won't make

City lights glow
For the big show
Make it a bit of doe
Do what you know
But if you cannot see the stars then
You don't know where you are

In the universe, really quite large
Put some perspective in your glass
Or you better prepare your frown
For a life of sitting down

Your parents had sex
Maybe you were planned
Maybe you were told that you were planned
But the world can now confirm
That you were the quickest sperm

You were designed, designed to move
So get a move on, sing a little song,
Pull a rabbit from a hat
Cos it won't be coming back

Lighten up Roy feel a bit of joy,
Get a bit of romance in your loins,
Make love in the driving rain
And continue the cosmic chain

One goes out, one goes in,
One's got great cheeky grin
One's the captain of the sea
Don't take it all so seriously.

You were the quickest little sperm.

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