Cage-Nerd Songtext
von Tim Minchin

Cage-Nerd Songtext

*Violin Solo*
I′m in a cage.
(Yeah, can you see me?)
(I'm here.)
(In this cage.)
I′m in a cage
I'm in a cage
I'm in a cage (motherfucker, cage motherfucker)
I′m in a cage

I′m in a cage and its gone to the stage when I can't be persuaded to set foot on stage unless some punk has paid
For a cage cause a cage is all the rage in this day and age
For the proper famous

It′s outrageous that its taken me ages to come to the stage when I'm arriving on stages
In cages there′s probably subtext are you picking it up? it's a metaphor for
Who gives a fuck?

I′m in a cage
(You're in a fucking cage dude)
I'm in a cage

I could′ve swung out on stage like the Britney and Pink thing and then I could have linked it to the ups and downs of existence I could′ve flown in in a copter rode in on a chopper drop down on a wire emerge from a fire there's only one place for the genuine stars and that′s hanging out in bars.
Nothing ruins comedy like arenas
That is a well-established fact
But your enjoyment is not as important as my self-esteem is
My ego's the only thing you can see clearly from the back

But I′m quite famous now, so suck my balls.
I've sold my tickets, my job is done
Fuck you all
Who cares about quality, this is not about you, this is all about me,
And my tiny little penis,
And flogging DVDs

So bring it on, bring it on
Fuck the punters,
Bring it on
I am a rockstar motherfucker
And I won′t be one for long

So bring it on, bring it on
You gotta make hay in the shining sun
You gotta rock all the way up
Cause the only place to go from here is down

But I'm trapped for now
And the fact for now
Is there's no escaping this
I′m wearing baseball caps to hide my face
So the paps don′t snap my kids
All I ever wanted was to sing my little songs
But now I'm pregnant in Hello magazine
And I′m overweight in Cosmopolitan

So bring it on
Before too long my wife and kids will be gone gone gone
And I'll have wanked myself to death in the penthouse suite of the four seasons
So bring it on, bring it on
Phone the hookers, stoke the bongs
I am a rockstar, I′ve got my own orchestra, I can do what I fucking want

I thought fame would make me happy
But she's a fickle cheap romance
They just wanna see me dance

I′m in a cage (only us stars are hanging out in bars)
I'm in a cage (hanging out in bars)
I'm in a cage (only us stars are hanging out in bars)
I′m in a cage (hanging out in bars)

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