I'm Workin' Songtext
von Tim McGraw

I'm Workin' Songtext

Damn I hope no one dies, on this night shift tonight
Always lit up like a Roman candle, everybody comes in like they're looking for a fight
I'll have to tell his family, as he rides off to heaven
And 20 minutes later I'm drinkin' my coffee down at the 7-11
I'm workin', yea I'm workin

All theses truckers out here drive with one hand on the wheel and a cellphone to their ear
Apologizing for somethin' they missed or can't get too, I'm sorry too my dear
Yea but thats the way it goes and we sure need the money, this life of ours is far from perfect, ain't it honey
But I'm workin', baby I'm workin'

So make the kids do their homework before you put them to bed
And theres dinner in the fridge, make sure everybody gets fed

And i know i won't get to see you before you leave for your day
I guess its the only time that we get to say: I love you, baby i love you

So the last kid is on the school bus as I lay me down to sleep
And I keep hurryin' and worryin' and wonderin' and prayin' for all my soul can keep
And I know I couldn't do it if you weren't there
There'd be no home to come home to, no reason to care

So i just had to call you before I faded away
I guess its the only time that we get to say:
I love you, baby I love you, I love you, I love you

Damn I hope no one dies on this night shift tonight.

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