All I Want Is a Life Songtext
von Tim McGraw

All I Want Is a Life Songtext

I just want to get a little more out of my payday
Finally own a car that doesn't break down on the free way
A little vacation... ain't askin' very much
I hate comin' home to this old broken down apartment
I wish I had a dime for every hole that's in the carpet
No I don't want it all... but I ain't got enough

All I want is a life
To drink from a glass from a well that ain't dry
I'm sick of the crumbs... I want a piece of that pie...
All I want is a life

I don't mind the hours and the pain that comes from workin'
But it's enough to kill me when I see my baby hurtin'
Wanna give her that diamond... I never got to buy
She keeps tellin' me that everything is gettin' better
But one step up the rung and and someone knocks me off the ladder
Just wanna break even someday before I die


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