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Satisfied Songtext
von Prince

Satisfied Songtext

B4 we get started, r we all alone?
Cuz I'm about 2 get open-hearted
It's time 2 send your company home and turn off your cell phone
Baby, can't U see I just wanna getcha satisfied?

This is gonna be a long night (Long)
A little bit longer afternoon (Afternoon)
Girl if we get this thing right
Ooh, U gonna get satisfied real soon
Baby, can't U see (Can't U see I'm just tryin'?)
That I wanna get U satisfied, oh yeah? (Satisfied)

I ain't talkin' 'bout nothin' physical
Cuz 4play starts in the mind (In the mind)
I'm just tryin' 2 get U 2 think about doin' things
That U've always wanted, but could never find

I'm gonna seek this thing like a buried treasure (Seek and destroy)
Like Columbus sailing over the sea
Till I discover baby, the land beyond expertise and chastity
I'm just tryin', tryin', I'm just tryin' 2 get U
Satisfied (Satisfied, satisfied, satisfied)

I'm sure U had another lover (Another lover)
But let me tell U baby, all tricks aside
I can get U out of your body
Have U ever felt like U were dyin'
And felt satisfied?

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