Release It Songtext
von The Time

Release It Songtext

Yo Stella, if you think I′m afraid of you
Grace, if you so much as think I can't do the do
Girl, if you dream I came to jerk around
You′d better wake up, and release it

Party people in the crib get hyped
Let's get this party funkin' right
Come on
Come on

Release it
Listen to me now, release it
Come, come on, come on, release it

Whose crib is this? My crib
Whose wine you drinkin′? Mine
Who asked your ugly ass what time it was? Nobody
We′re doing fine

Take it all off
Bass, I need the funk in my face
I can't stand tight asses in my place
Let′s get hype y'all, release it

Release it
What time it is, band?
Time to get sleazy up in here
Mary, sweet mother Jesus
Fuck that

Oh Stella, I know you came alone
′Cuz ain't just any man qualified to take you home?
Me? No, I′m not a man, Jerome?
He's an adventure

Oh, somebody slap me, I don't know
Party people in the crib get hyped
Party people in the crib get hyped
Release it
Release it

When this solo′s through
Find me a Stella to rap to

Whose beat is this? My beat
Whose horns are these blowing? Mine
Who asked your dumb ass how to catch a groove? Nobody
We′re doing the do

Whose Stella is this?
My Stella
Whose Stella is this?
My Stella
Then what's she doing over here with me?

What′s she doing over here with me?
Who told you that women like men with no money?
Release it, boy
Go'n Stella, dance
Say man, back up, give me some room
Dance, shake it like a peckerwood

Release it
Over and over and over and over and over
Your girlfriends told ya, that I′m the rover
But I'm here to scold ya, that I′m feelin' alone
Then we can bone

Gimme a number to phone, you grown
And I am so, if you say no
Instead of cryin' I′ll keep tryin′
Until you're dyin′, to have me for your own

So peep Stella, peep Stella
If you think that I'm afraid of you
Do it, MD
If you think that I′m afraid of you
Rap to her

If you think that I can't do the do
Yeah, papa
If you think that I can′t do the do

If you think I came to jerk around
Go'n, say it
You better wake up, Stella, wake up
This is my town

Release it
Man, let them drum kick
Let's get the hell outta here
Let′s do it, she′s gone

Release it
Motherfucker, get yo ass out of my way
Release it
Release it

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