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Call My Name Songtext
von Prince

Call My Name Songtext

Call, call my name
Call it, call my name

Heard your voice this morning, calling out my name,
It had been so long since I heard it, that it didn't really sound quite the same, no
But it let me know, that my name had never really been spoken before
Before the day I carried you through the bridal path door,

And ever since that day I haven't wanted anyone but you,
And anybody who really knows me knows the truth

I just can't stop writing songs about you
I love you so much
I just can't wait to get my arms around you
And feel your touch
If I don't see you real soon baby girl,
I might go insane
I know it's only been about 3 hours
But I love it when you call my name

I heard a voice on the news saying people want to stop the war (stop the war)
If they had a love as sweet as you they'd forget what they were fighting for,
What's the matter with the world today?
The land of the free? Somebody lied
They can bug my phone and people 'round my home
They'll only see you and me making love inside


I've never seen the moon look so lovely as the night I saw it with you,
It let me know I'd never seen the moon before,
So many speak of the moon as though it had no flaws,
But to compare it to a beauty like yours would give one pause
Nothing about you is false, that's why your love is real
God forbid if you belonged to another I'd have to steal you
I'd have to take you from your man
I might be tempted to break the law round here
Because your beauty, it gives one pause
It slows me down


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