The Way We Wanna Go Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

The Way We Wanna Go Songtext

Revolution's waking
A generation had enough
The rules are new, they're breaking
We realize the bluff
Conventions with no meaning
They're just empty guff
So why'd you follow blind?

Little hellions
From schools to the streets
Turn rebellious
Their frustrations lead
Desperate violence
When mother's hearts are bleeding
The cities will explode

That's the we wanna go
We're not the same now
No one really knows
What's good for us now
Let us go our way
We choose the action
Lead you from the main
To the opposite direction, go!

Rebel hearts will disturb
A numb society
So they call you wanker
Who destroys authority
But resentment and anger
Gives you energy
Resist against control

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