Black Sails Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Black Sails Songtext

We feared the God
Lucifer said he is dead
We sold our souls to him
For the might instead
All the night we wanted blood
Who we were and what we have
Had been eaten up by
Howlin' of dying's dread

It's alright, while we're breathing
But all day we can't stop bleeding

We were born to fight
We were born to win
The devil's brigade came
Straight from hell
We were born to fight
We were born to win the fray
We got the black sails

Since the day we've signed
Our rapacious deadly curse
Fear and death and misery
Vile, not the worst
The stench of reeking death
Drove us to insanity
Our bodies and our souls are rottin'
'Til eternity

In the night while you're sleeping
We will arrive
Your dreams are freezing
Death will kiss your mouth
Your soul we need

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