von Night Lovell



Do you know?
How the problems you make
And how more I can take?
I mean, days go
Fall apart, then you break,
Nothing more I can say
I keep all these fucking
Problems in my brain
I keep saying to myself
That I'm so lame
I don't really fucking
Know what I became
Tell these niggas stay the
Fuck outside my lane, ayy, ayy, ayy

Make it stop, we divided, can't fight it
Done hiding, need guidance
, I'm dying, lil' baby,
I'm dying, no

I'm back inside the basement,
My location
I promise that I wait for
You 'cause I got patience
I just wanna know why
You be falling for me?
I left in the morning,
Now you calling for me
I just want that fucking pussy,
Bitch, I'm craving
I like where you put it on me,
That's my favorite
That bitch got me feeling
Llike it's mental slavery
Still I'm fucking with you, bitch, I
Got some bravery, done

For you, I knew, I knew
Where you was hiding all along

She want me to save her,
Fuck all of my haters
I'm living too dangerous,
My life is amazing
I'm probably the
Nigga they hating
She switch up on
Me 'cause I made it
Things ain't what they
Seen when you famous
They don't see all the
Money I'm making
Who do you want from me?
Who do you want?
You want a lot of me,
Then tell me you wanna be done
Give me your honesty,
Haven't asked for a lot
Girl, they been robbing me,
So I think it's better to stop

You were never right for me, no, no
You were never right for me, oh, oh
Think it's better when we stop

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