It's All in the Game Songtext
von Nat King Cole

It's All in the Game Songtext

There was an old man who was
Robbing himself blind
For too many years
The only thing he stole was time
He gambled with only a moment to spare
His destiny close - he could taste it in the air
Seized him without warning
Disarmed him of his plans
But the odds were even
He'd won a second chance
He laughed and said

It's all in the game
Remember that
Winning isn't everything

Live to the limit, and
Listen tu your heart
Don't let life leave you
Standing in the dark
Luck fades away but
The spirit never dies
It's all in the game
Keep the fire in your eyes

Break into sweat
Pull up your collar and cuff
Tryin' your best
Sometimes your best ain't good enough
Some people spend years at a time
Other people spend every nickel and dime
You're gonna have to play
Or pay the consequence
Lay your money down -
Or put in down to experience
Remember that
It's all in the game
Don't forget
Winning isn't everything

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