Sage Wisdom from Uncle Bun B and E-40 Songtext
von Mike Posner

Sage Wisdom from Uncle Bun B and E-40 Songtext

Yo, Mike, it's Uncle Bun.
Yo, man, I just wanna congratulate you, man.
You know, this walk across America
It's really ambitious, it's not gonna be easy
But it's absolutely possible.
You have everything you need inside of you to accomplish this.
You know, 'cause if you're going
uphill, that means you get a view, you know?
So enjoy the view.
We love you, Mike, stay strong, and good luck.

Ayy, what's happening, Mike?
Man, what's happening with you, family?
This E-40, man.
Just, um, just wishing you well, man, on your journey, man, and
Whatever you do, don't, don't give up, brother.
Keep your head up, man.
'Preciate you, man.
Good luck with everything.
Much love. Four-oh, man.

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