Nothing is Wrong Songtext
von Mike Posner

Nothing is Wrong Songtext

Yeah, uh

I can worry, I can overthink things
That's exactly when I tend to wanna drink things
Tend to wanna smoke things
'Til I realize there's no thing outside of me
That kinda helped me grow wings
Listen up, I think this is dope
To love is very different than to own
Let that sink in

I grew my hair but never lost my J Dilla vibe vibe
Airplane mode, don't kill the vibe
I had to remind people I was still alive
I had to remind people of what's real inside
Yeah, yeah, I'm the 'I took a pill in...' guy
But even more beautiful with no pill inside
Feel the vibe?

I wanted to be Deion
I was more Wojciechowski
My friends gon' hit the club
I tell 'em, "Go without me"
There'a a lot that these people don't know about me
I always been that dude, though
No Lebowski (stupid)

Old friends never tell me that I seem different
Ashamed of the way that I used to treat women
Objectifyin', embarassed but I'll never lie
Mac is dead, many more are dead inside
Hideous thoughts in this head of mine
I'll choose different ones
Life hit me in the face but I didn't run
Perhaps Michigan will be the place my kids are from
Ram Dass is the man I got the vision from

It's alright, yeah
Uh, it's alright, yeah

Oh, ayy, I donated all my Jordans
Didn't do a post
They were takin' up the space that I needed to grow
That was a Sage Francis line, I stole it
But there was no better way to say that
There is no future, no time
Look at yourself, don't be so bovine
Courage used to be somethin' that I couldn't find
People scared to look at their dreams so they look at mine
Yeah, whatever makes you feel good inside

It's alright

(I was in the gym the other day in Los Angeles)
(And I saw all the beautiful bodies)
(Runnin' on the treadmills starin' at the screens)
(And it reminded me of hamsters runnin' on the wheel)
(And that's when I really decided, right then and there)
(I'm not gonna be a hamster on a wheel)
(I'm gon' do it)
(Twitter is apoplectic
(Squirrels with acorns)

(I've said it before: "Ships are safe in the harbour)
(But that ain't what ships are made for")
(I say I am not my haircut, I'm not my body)
(Not my clothes, I'm something much more beautiful)
(Deeper than even I know)
(Took me 30 years to wake up and write this song)
(Took me 30 years to realize)
(Nothing is wrong)

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