Recent Illusion Songtext
von Marit Larsen

Recent Illusion Songtext

How hard can it be to
Have an to keep what everyone has?
Out walking the street
The beautiful meet
They′re starting to laugh

I know too much
I've feel to much
I crave too much
I′m out of touch

My recent illusion
Blurred out my conclusion
There's no-one for me
I can't do it right
I can′t sleep at night
He′s all that I see

But I want too much
Demand too much
I crave too much
I'm out of touch

I aim high, you aim low
Oh, ain′t that just the way it goes?
I see sparks, you see none
Had I only quit while it was fun

But I seek too much
I try too much
Think I cry too much
I've lost my touch

I think I′ve lost my touch
But it was fun

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