The Standard Songtext
von Liquido

The Standard Songtext

I don't belong here
and you've said so
no footprints in the haze
you've heard me yellin'
and you've walked on
from that empty space
remember that freakshow
and it bored you
with a dry eye on a lonely sunday
isn't it standard now
like a faint smile
that, you say
will never matter again

i don't know why i can't get you off my mind
and when he wrath comes
like a bullet
you better take off from herein
so burn up your matches
i'm your witness
you say you wake up and take off and take off
your synthesized game
getting closer now
i see your satellite approaches the earth
isn't it standard
you've come to be so blessed
and you will never worry again...
i don't know why i can't get you off my mind

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