Scarface Songtext
von Lil Wayne

Scarface Songtext

(Verse 1)
They know where Carter at
Straight off the launchin' pad
Marchin' on the moon
MuthaF**ka I been to Mars and back
Cleaner than Laundromats
Jumpin' in somthin' from other countries'
companies junkie u cannot order that
I flew there and took the water back
Oughta go to iraq and getta a car wit gas an' tell dem crackas war wit that
All I need is a auto-matic-tic-BOOM
I'm a goon, I go zoom, smell the fumes, from the vrooms…
Young toon in the room gimmie room, all u doomed by ensumes,
And get all my chips into blooms, I will never be another groom
Unless I assume, the bitch ain't givin' up the womb
To him in whom M.O.B. let me bloom, let me boom,
I pop early like firecrackers in the last week of June
I'm gettin' my lunch like Noon…I gotta eat
ScarFace wit diamond teeth…Ha-Ha

…On tha fo'realla muh nigga jus' call me SCARFACE…x3
…Nobody Know My Name, They Only Know My Face…
…On tha fo'realla muh nigga jus' call me SCARFACE…
…Nobody Know My Name, They Only Know My Face…
…On tha fo'realla muh nigga jus' call me SCARFACE…

(Verse 2)
Protect Me From My Friends
I can take care of my enemies
I come from where da niggas jus' kill to save energy

Sorry world but my mommy told me where the clinic be
So if u try to mimic me u prolly catch some sick disease
Six degrees leanin' on dat prometh-th-th-th-th-sine
I'm a centipede these men move at women speed
I'm bout my…
Etcetera, Etcetera
F**k competitors
F**k These rappers
F**k These editors
F**k The Head of the State
F**k The Gates surroundin' the prisoners
These MuthaF**kas tha prey I'm the predator
See me "Dreadlocks"
Tough as Bam-Bam from Bedrock
I'm tied to the game like wedlock
Say "hello red dot"…
Say "goodbye life"…
And say "hello, Satan"
A devil in the flesh
A rebel at his best
No complainin' we live in hell and I'm blessed…

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