Poison's Gone Songtext
von Kurt Cobain

Poison's Gone Songtext

She says I'm beans
And I've been lost
And I don't mean
The poisons gone
And I feel drained

The side that you know
And die with me
And I'll be yours
And I'm only hoping In denial of...
Ending all you know
You'll never see me
A new cell
Ive been taken to the
Back of her reason
If I only knew you
Didn't ask for my money
Only this I know
Time I've seen alone
Find the things
That say I'm gone
Since I had been thriving long
She said don't breathe
Just say no more
And I didn't drink
And died alone
She's had a dream
Which I didn't know
And died I will?
And died I was?
She's saving pain
And hiding hope
Inside of me-e
I've been grown

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