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Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings (Compilation)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Courtney Love Reads Suicide Letter, Part 1
  3. Life Was Never Fun
  4. Author Dave Thompson
  5. Growing Up / The Road to Nirvana
  6. Early Nirvana
  7. Editor Charles Cross
  8. Kurt Cobain Speaks About Early Nirvana, and Revolving Drummers
  9. Nevermind
  10. Bob Guccione Jr.
  11. Dave Thompson
  12. The Demands of Fame
  13. Bob Guccione Jr. On the Alleged Feud With Eddie Vedder
  14. On Courtney Love, Marriage and Hope
  15. Parenthood
  16. The Saturday Night Live Rumors
  17. Visibly Suffering - Pressures and Drugs
  18. MTV Unplugged
  19. On Happiness, Fame and Popularity
  20. Andy Summers (The Police) - 1993 Interview / Perceptions of a Modest Icon
  21. The Intensifying Drug Problems and Rehabilitation Attempts
  22. Courtney Love
  23. Missing Person / The Suicide
  24. Courtney Love Reads Suicide Letter, Part 2
  25. Gavin Rossdale of Bush
  26. Did We Really See Something / Placing the Blame
  27. Would Nirvana Survive?
  28. The Memory Lives On
  29. In Conclusion
  30. [gibberish]
  31. [talking] / Hey Jude (The Beatles) / [talking to boddah]
  32. [Kurt Cobain speaks about early Nirvana, and revolving drummers]
  33. [counting to 10] / Monkees Theme
  34. [talking to Dad] / [impersonation of car repair customer]
  35. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle
  36. Come as You Are Deutsche Übersetzung von Kurt Cobain - Come as You Are
  37. Pennyroyal Tea
  38. Lounge Act
  39. Polly
  40. Lithium
  41. Smells Like Teen Spirit Deutsche Übersetzung von Kurt Cobain - Smells Like Teen Spirit
  42. Drain You
  43. In Bloom
  44. Serve the Servants
  45. Blew
  46. Something in the Way
  47. I Hate Myself and Want to Die
  48. About a Girl Deutsche Übersetzung von Kurt Cobain - About a Girl
  49. Rape Me
  50. All Apologies
  51. Heart-Shaped Box Deutsche Übersetzung von Kurt Cobain - Heart-Shaped Box
  52. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
  53. Sappy
  54. Been a Son
  55. You Can't Change Me / Burn My Britches / Something in the Way
  56. Clean Up Before She Comes
  57. Scoff
  58. Poison's Gone Deutsche Übersetzung von Kurt Cobain - Poison's Gone



ihr seid im datum falsch^^ alles einen monat früher

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