Frauen verlassen Songtext
von Kat Frankie

Frauen verlassen Songtext

Not everyone said you were wrong
You shiver like an air-bow

Yet see all these spinner apart
On the hour of your departure
Told you
She was leaving anyway
You′re I don't know you

Waltzing cross your only


Not everyone said you were wrong
And leave your son from my sense
And the Hippocrates never let on
Can sends us dreams as thunder
These insured loss

You browsed till touched by baby

Das Bild der Ernsthaftigkeit
Your face is slipping
I can

Hold a hand to the fire
Propriety true will land
Whats′s accepted and what's not accepted

And is it a dangerous thing
The harm darling pursued of possession

Not everyone said you were wrong
Engrave her name on the round board
Oh, you got away with words
Every threaten on the man

She told you
She was leaving anyway
The expected

Frauen verlassen immer am Morgen

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