Happy Songtext
von Kat Frankie

Happy Songtext

Would you be happy if I cried?
You know I will
You know I will
Would you be happy if I cried?
You know I will
I′m not joking anymore
Take every piece apart
On the kitchen floor
Hold it up to the light
Show me what it's good for

You know the craziest of things
Was that I wanted it
I thought I did
You know, the moment I liked best
Was when you put your hands around my head
But that won′t make it easier to stand
And that won't make it right
Your so good at denying everything
But another night
It won't make you happy at all

Would you be happy if I cried sometimes?
You know I
Sit int he dark and I try
I try
But I can′t make a sound until the morning comes
My head is dull and my heart is dry
And some things cannot be fixed
And you shall see
Just wrap it up in news prints and just give it back to me

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