Too Young Songtext
von Kat Frankie

Too Young Songtext

I've never seen the kids live like this
Always seems they'll never like through it
You know I'm standing in the cold
Feeling bolder than your buried gold
Because I know the harbour where I'll go to die

Oh, it used to be we lived out in the sticks
Machen nichts als flippin' tic-tac-toe for kicks
I got an eye on yours and mine
'Cause the government's got me on file
And you're sweet, but I'm alarmed to say the least

Too young to know death comes to those who wait
Too young to check the real estate
Too young to mourn, the best of us are gone
Too young to have it going on
Too young to find the pocket money spent
Too young to love the girl I met
Too young to want to get back up
And to know that it don't mean so much
But I'm sure that I'll get older in the end

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