Up in the Sky Songtext
von Kaleo

Up in the Sky Songtext

Sweet karma
Shivers white and gray
All way out
Must be better now
Waves in motion
Take me under
Blind so blind
Where she gonna find

Better mind
Oh if you're so kind
Better mind, mind
Better mind, whoa yeah

Oh the world outside is raging
Made nothing of it
Oh sweet god
Those were better times
Won't you come down
From your dark cloud
Oh and help me find, find a better mind

Better mind, mind
Better mind ohhh
'Cause your head is up in the sky

And you take down your armor
And look up to the sky
But you don't have the courage
To give yourself the gun

Never mind, mind
Never mind, ohhh
Never mind, mind
Better mind,
Oh lord, you are a sucker
'Cause your head is up in the sky
I said your head is up in the sky

All, all I need,
Quietly she sings
Bright as the moonlight
I'm bound to change the game

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