Things I Would Love to Have Said Songtext
von Itchy

Things I Would Love to Have Said Songtext

'Hey what's your name?
And can you explain
The look in your eyes
That drives me insane?
Through you I'm about
To Rise up through the clouds'

These words would sound great
But they never come out
When I finally open my mouth

'The beauty of space
Reflects in your face
While you're watching
The stars with a heavenly grace'

With all that I'd succeed over my losing streak
But suddenly silence reaches it's peak
When I open my mouth and I speak

It's the way that I feel whenever you're near
It's the doubts and how you make them all disappear
It's the smile in your eyes when your cheeks turn read
These are things I would love to have said

'Sometimes I can be depressed naturally
But the things that you say sound like sunrise to me
And If you should be late be sure I will wait'

These lines sound so sweet, but they never escape
When I try hard to communicate

'There's no effort you make
Still my knees start to shake
So please don't get undressed I've got all I can take
Until fate crossed my way I lived life come what may
But I've never met someone like you to this day'

That's what I think but not what I say
When will I ever know what to say?

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