Desire Songtext
von Heart

Desire Songtext

Stand at the window, pull back the lace
I feel the night wind on my face
All that I long for, all that I crave
Am I the master? Am I slave?

The night's so still
I feel the lovers out in the hills
The breathing of young girls lying in bed
Visions of love in their heads

Desire walks on
Desire walks on

A beautiful boy gazed in a pool
His eyes looking back like jewels
The call of the mirror too strong to resist
The call of the water, the call of a kiss

Desire walks on
Desire walks on

Desire walks on
Wants to be held possessed, wants consummation
It moves on obsessed
Bloodstream through pipes singing in the wires
Heat, motion, control desire walks on

Ooh yeah, hey, hey, hey, hey
You got me yearning, yearning, yearning, yearning
Oh yeah

Stand at the window the world is so still
Calling you back by force of will
Where did you go? I don't know why
Too much longing inside

You wrapped me in nighttime sexual disguise
I was the love in your eyes
Now you took me over, my innocence cracked
You own my passion, I want you, I want you back

Desire walks on
Desire walks on
Desire walks on and on, and on
Desire walks on

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