What's a Devil to Do? Songtext
von Harley Poe

What's a Devil to Do? Songtext

I was born from an angel, she raised me properly
I knew what I wasn't to do, I knew what I wasn't to see
But when you reach a certain age, your destiny it comes to life
So don't you bite the hand that feeds you, or it may cut you with its knife

It permeates all through my bones
I let it live, I help it grow
I said my cup it runeth over, well I'm gonna let it flow
So I shot a man in muncie, just to watch him die
My mother asked me if it pleased me
And I couldn't tell a lie

Now Jesus died for them, it's true
But what's a devil to do?

When the saints go marching in
I won't be there, 'cause I love my sin
Am I so bad that you hate me
There was a time when I could see
My hopes and dreams, they are no more
I'm not a rich man, but blessed are the poor
Oh man, forgive me, I turned away
I won't come back, so I have to pay

And now there're rules till I find noah,
And if you follow them you'll go
Up to the mountains and the clouds
And where the golden rivers flow
But I've always been so good at breaking all the rules
I wasn't made to be their robot
And I ain't nobody's fool

I am the goat that got away
But I know there will come a day
When I'll be punished for my mind
'Cause I led myself astray
I am a work of art, I know
I was created but down below
And if it's evil that you're planting
Then it's evil that will grow

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