Pagan Holiday, Parts 1, 2 & 3: A Celebration / Dormant / Revenge Songtext
von Harley Poe

Pagan Holiday, Parts 1, 2 & 3: A Celebration / Dormant / Revenge Songtext

Black cats, scrurrying rats, flapping bats, and heart aches.
Paint your faces greenand act obscene because it's Halloween.
Goblins, Spooks and Vampires too.
Werewolves come and chew on you.
The Jack'o'lanterns start to grin.
So let the tricks and treets begin.
On Halloween.
It's Halloween.
Fires crackle while I hold you tight.
Witches cackle as they fly the night.
The Devils all come out to play and frighten children.
Night is day.
Let's go visit the haunted grave.
Take my hand, we must be brave.
And afterwards we'll get our fortunes read.
But, when the sun comes up, we'll both be dead.
Until next Halloween.

It's Halloween.
The sky is gray.
The leaves are falling on the ground and old man winter's comin' round.
One festive night and then it's gone without a sound, but death follows me around.
I don't know if I can take another year.
It's so cold and I know my faith is dying here.
You tease me with what I know I'll never reach.
I pray thee, but I won't cry I won't beseech.
I'm rolling up in my cocoon.
I'm changing with the fullness of the moon.
Don't take away the only love I know.
My sacrifice if I ever want to glow.
So I can't win you're making me choose between my love and my sin.
And I thought I was an angel, but I was wrong.
I'm with the others and I've been here all along.
Will you punish me because I'm made in your blood?
Do I fly in the storm, or do I wallow in the mud?
Cause I've been lost for years, but I'm not coming back.
The guilt suffocates me and turns my soul black.
So don't blame the Devil for the shit that you've done.
You've made this mess and you're just having fun with those who are able to see.
She was a pretty girl; a treasure to him.
She was the purpose of his life.
And when they came they took his flower from him.
Those wicked men they killed his wife.
It was on Halloween when they found their way in.
He wasn't home, they were aware.
She prayed for death as they indulged their sin.
When he returned he found her there.
So now's your chance, it may not be right.
Do you run and tell or do you stay and fight?
Rage fills your mind; you were a man without sin.
It's two against one; you'll never win.
But you just can't care.
There's blood everywhere.
It was a could night when you let yourself in.
They both were armed, you did not care.
And one by one your torment seized each culprit.
Police found no bodies anywhere.
There was no mercy shown when they broke into your home and ravished your lovely wife before taking her life.
There's a beast in all who dwell on this Earth that is our hell.
Suppress it if you can, but it's inside every man.
Did you feel no remorse when you disciplined with force?
Was it justice from above?
Did you punish them with love?
Or was it could hard revenge?
Did you earn your way to Hell?
Will God forgive your sin?
Well that depends on who you tell.
There was blood everywhere, but you just could not care.

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