Elegy Songtext
von Globus

Elegy Songtext

You never bent, you always stood
Could you plainly tell the trees from wood
You knew to part the wrong from right
To coax the darkness into light

You took me in when hope was lost
You paid with no regard for cost
You gave your time, you always found
A way to keep my feet on the ground

You never broke, you always healed
And favored need above appeal
You came, you saw, you mended foes
An altruistic dynamo

Now this endless elegy
It sings to you
My tormented memory
It yearns for

You never sold what can't be bought
Your majesty just can't be taught
You always stood on moral ground
Provided hope when none was found

You always gave with pure intent
Regardless of the money spent
You propped me up on broken feet
And spread my wings so they could beat

And now this endless elegy
It breaks my heart
Your eternal memory
Tears me apart

In your mourning
Feel my wind blowing down
My love shines
Through the light of your darkness

And now this endless elegy
It praises you, it sings for you
Never ending memory
It yearns for you, it lives for you

You soldier on, you don't give in
Keep pushing water up a hill
You brought this heart back from the brink
And gave this thirsty soul a drink

From dust to dust, we live, we die
Before we've grown we're out of time
And now you're gone while justice cries
I bury you with no goodbyes

God has let you down
God has let you down

God has let you down
And now this endless elegy
God has let you down
Never ending memory

And now this endless elegy
Never ending memory

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