It’s a Shame Songtext
von First Aid Kit

It’s a Shame Songtext

Lately I′ve been thinking about the past
How there is no holding back
No point in wasting sorrow
On things that won't be here tomorrow

But you and I well we don′t need to speak
It's the secret that we keep
Out of view and out of sight
Just say when and we'll say goodnight

Tell me it′s okay
To live life this way
Sometimes I want you to stay
I know it′s a shame

Now I have spent so much of my time
Going out of my mind
Trying so hard to be of use
But what you cannot gain you lose

In LA, the sun's almost too bright
I cannot get it right
The emptiness I feel
And now none of it seems real

So maybe it′s alright
If I just spend the night
Sometimes I just can't bear to walk away
I know it′s a shame

Who have I become
Who will I be
Come tomorrow

Tell me it's okay
If I ask you to stay
Sometimes the night cuts through me like a knife
I know it′s a shame
I know it's a shame
I know it's a shame

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