One Day Songtext
von Eric Clapton

One Day Songtext

One day, I believe
One day, I can see
Baby, out in the country, maybe down by the sea
Will I wake up one morning and find that I′ve been set free
One day, one day

Some day, I can't say how
Some day, but I don′t know now
Maybe tomorrow when I'm old and gray
All I've ever wanted will finally come my way

One day (one day) one day (one day)
One day baby (one day) one day (one day)

One day, this dream will come true
One day, one day, one day, babe, maybe you will too
Maybe flying high, maybe close to the ground
I will hear your voice, and I′ll know I′ve been found
Hold me tight, baby, make me stay
I can hear every word you've been trying to say

One day, one day (one day)
One day baby (one day) one day (one day)

(One day, one day)
(One day, one day)

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