Ordinary Darkness Songtext
von Blutengel

Ordinary Darkness Songtext

Close your eyes
See the light at the end of the night.
Her the voices inside, the devil prays for your soul.
Close your eyes, watch the sky.
Your star slowly fades.

Echoes losing their sound
Shadows catching your soul
There is no time to hide your tears.
It′s too late to go back
It's too late to regret
Your light will die.

You don′t have to suffer.
Don't be afraid.
It's the end of Eden.
Don′t hesitate.

Keep the memories of your dreams.
Nothing is like what it seems.
It′s your darkest night.
There's a hand in the dark
Which can heal all the pain inside your heart.

It′s your own ordinary darkness,
Your own little world of pain
And you can never ever escape from it.
It's a place full of endless coldness,
Your own little world of fear
Where no one can ever, ever hurt you.

Close your eyes,
Feel the death at the end of the day.
Say good bye to your dreams.
The devil′s waiting for you.
Close your eyes,
Say good-bye - your soul is dying now.

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