Be Like Me (Elbenkiller remix by Samsas Traum) Songtext
von Terminal Choice

Be Like Me (Elbenkiller remix by Samsas Traum) Songtext

"Weisst du?
In meinen Augen
Bist du nicht mehr als Dreck!"

I′m so tired of your lies
You will never know the truth
I'm so tired of your words
You better shut your mouth
I can′t stand the way you dress
Everything looks so funny on you
I can't stand your fucking cliché
But it's all you have

I don′t believe that you can ever be
Never be like me
You better try to find the way I feel
You will never be like me

You think you can take me as your idol
You try to copy me
But you′re not worth to know my name
You're one of a million assholes
You can never leave your world
You are to weak to fight
You′ll ever be this piece of shit
It stinks when you're around

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