Heaven on Earth (The Things We've Got to Do) Songtext
von Alphaville

Heaven on Earth (The Things We've Got to Do) Songtext

You say that love's the answer,
The greatest ruling force
That carries you forever beyond the farthest cause
Oh, will we ever learn the lessons of the world
Instead repeating history without
A care how much we hurt
Sometimes it seems
That we will never ever understand
The things we got to do

Dance like no one is watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt
The things we got to do
Sing like noone is listening
And live like it's your last day on earth...

If nothing lasts forever that doesn't mean it's cheap
It's only the beginning of something rather deep
We're trying to survive,
We're always on the run
The sky's in ever blue
But the sun is long, long gone
A stranger at the corner pretending to be me
Could it really be, could it be me

Dance like no one is watching...

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